Photosession with you

The Pearls’ Lights

Old walls made of uneven sandstone stones drawing patterns on the walls, like lines on map of forgotten lands. The scent of wood interwoven with notes of fresh scents that gently caress the mind. The sounds of quiet music that chase away stress. The peace of old architecture so nice and relaxing to the eye.

In the fabuolous space of the Pearl you can feel like a character from the fairy tales Victorian series, beautiful romances. Running with candle lamp through spiral staircase in long gown, waiting for the chosen one of your heart. Letting your dreams from your imagination became visible with you in the main role.

In the amazing space of the Pearl, let your delicate beauty be awaken. Accept parts of yourself that you have always looked at reluctantly. Elements that, touched by the magical light wandering around the Temple, will show you their feminine charm.

In the marvelous space of the Pearl, let you hide your everyday shyness and bring out the bomb of sensuality sleeping deep inside you. Do you think there’s not an ounce of it in you? Plant a seed with me and give it a chance to bloom.

From our 2 hours meeting you’ll get minimum 5 photos. I create calmly, without rush, without pressure. But I can create in accompany of tasty tea, if you need time to think, to stop for a moment, to slowly open for this way of dealing with your inner demons. Your comfort is here very important. 🙂
During our meeting the whole area of our Temple of Art and Light is only for us, without any other projects, visitors. There are many nooks and crannies of the Pearl at your disposal. From the spaces filled with minimalism to spots with different antique furniture.
The photos are for your usage, and only for your usage. I won’t treat them as any kind of advertisement or promotion on my social-media’s account, webpage or others.

Price: 130 €
Place: The Temple of Art and Light: the Pearl
For more info contact me via mail or my IG.

Thinloth – I have been an artist creating mainly self-portrait photography for many years. In my sensual self-portraits I try to show many aspects of being a woman. I create pictures showing quiet delicacy, wild strength, as well as flamed passion. For some time, I treated photography as a form of therapy (also self-therapy). I know how much acceptance and motivation to work on one’s psyche and body can be gained by showing ourselves in a good light. I know how much strength and inner peace can be gained by understanding and feeling the beauty, delicacy and power of one’s own femininity. I know how much of a life it can take to lose it all…

For years I lived in the shadow of complexes screaming around me. The straw that finally overflowed the cup of bitterness that threw me down into the abyss was poisoning me with a rape pill and sexual abusing. Despite this, I got out of this nothingness and stood up for myself once again. Stronger, more confident, turning bad experiences into lessons that bring beauty to myself and to others.