About me

My name is Thinloth Korwin-Szymanowska and I’m a visual self-taught artist based in Poland, creating mainly self-portrait photography using different traditional technics, without AI. I pour into my photos, drawings, paintings, and very rarely short movies or written stories – things, emotions, dreams, nightmares, imaginations, bad and good life experiences. Everything that dance wildly deep inside me. Often there are plenty of contradictory elements, hardly to catch, name, control. Elusive, on the verge of visibility and perceptibility… Complicated. Sometimes keeping me from sleeping. And not because of fear, nor horror but because of the need to catch up with them. Reworking, sorting out, soothing, calming them down by giving them a chance to be noticed and appreciated in their own twisted way.

Beside that, I’m a founder of non-profit organization Your Heritage Foundation (Fundacja Twoje Dziedzictwo) that is the owner of the Temple of Art and Light: the Pearl – former abandoned evangelical church from XVIII century, which thanks to foundation crew’s long-term work got new life as multifunctional cultural arena. And the Monastery of Souls – huge complex of ruined nunnery which origins reaches XIII century and has survived a lot of bad times but now, veeery slowly, wakes up to its new life. More about our mission, our projects, about our work-not-work which we do as Foundation, you can read on our site.

And normally, simply, day by day I’m… shy dryad from the deepest Forest, witch full of Nature magic, creature from old tales…

If you are interested in purchasing a Fine Art Print of my photos, a photo session or a license to use my photos, please write to me.


Fundacja Twoje Dziedzictwo