• Tale of tales
  • With Trees
  • Wordless whinny
  • Wolf Soul
  • Weave with music.
  • Thin Loth
  • Self-portraits
  • By my hand


I am a shy dryad from the deepest Forest. Soul wandering in the Mist. Some people say that I am a photo model or an artist, but it's not true. I am just a creature from old fairy tales.

If you want to create a tale with me - contact me and describe your dream. Maybe we could travel to other dimencions together and bring back some magnificent photos?

My best companions

  • Magdalena Russocka

    Magda doesn’t see ‘normal reality’. Magda sees world of tales, legends, stories which are hidden in the deepest abyss of imagination. I adore travelling with Magda through these incredible lands, which give us more incredible pictures.

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  • Anna Sychowicz

    Fulfilled with ideas, inspirations, additionally she lives with dogs and cats. Therefore, making pictures showing wild soul is a pleasure with her.

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